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AWiM's aim is to promote the visibility of African women experts working across varied industries and fields and also create enabling environment for women’s presentation and representation in the media by increasing the number of women experts’ sources in the media thus amplifying the voice of women experts in the media. We start by identifying their expertise and compiling their data into one central database. The process continues with an effort to connect these experts with journalists who can then cite them in their news reports, stories and programs thereby creating opportunities for networking amongst the profiles featured through special events, programs, webinars, discounts on our services and training content.

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About AWiM2023

Media and gender violence refer to the intersection of how media portrays gender and the perpetuation of violence against individuals based on their gender identity. This is not only limited to physical violence but also includes psychological, sexual and economic forms of violence. Recent statistics show that gender-based violence remains a prevalent global issue, disproportionately affecting women and girls. Similarly, women in media have long been subjected to gender-based discrimination and various forms of violence in their line of work, including sexual harassment. AWiM23 Rwanda brings together media practitioners, academia, policy actors and CSOs to share best practices and set actions to address these issues..

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