1. What is SourceHer?

It is an online database of African women experts across different industries. This database is to serve as an online directory for journalists and news editors who need women experts as sources for their news stories, articles, interviews, etc.

2. Who can use SourceHer?

SourceHer can be used by journalists, student journalists, news editors, media editors, and directors who are in need of women expert voices in their reports.

3. Is my information protected on SourceHer?

Yes, every information provided on SourceHer is protected and does not violate the interests and privacy of the woman expert. SourceHer exists to promote the visibility of women and enhancement of female voices as sources and we intend to preserve that goal by ensuring the safety of the information entrusted in our care by our sources.

4. How can I feature on SourceHer?

You can feature in SourceHer by filling out the form (SourceHer!) and waiting for confirmation. All female experts are welcome to feature in this database. We also encourage you share this form with your colleagues and friends to feature as well.

5. I know a few female experts within my network not featured on SourceHer, how can I get them featured on the database?

To get them featured on SourceHer, just share the link ( here with them, and encourage them to fill out the form, ensure they give consent for their information to be used on SourceHer and we are good to go.

6. Is SourceHer Purely online?

Yes, SourceHer is an online database of women experts so it is purely online.