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About me

My name is Fatima Muhammad Yusuf, I am a Freelance Photojournalist and Documentary Photographer based in Lafia, Nasarawa State Nigeria.
I have been passionate about Photography for a very long time and I have been inspired by my dad’s work. He was a prolific photographer in his youthful years. In the collection of old photographs which are over a thousand copies, my dad was able to document his life from the days of his primary school all through secondary school and the university. Some of those photos reflect the stylish nature of dressing of youths of his time.He taught me the art of making a story out of pictures. For example when we want to make a story about a school, it is important to have a shot of the school gate followed by some of the classrooms which will depict the infrastructure or lack of it in the classrooms. Also photos of the pupils or students in the class is an added advantage to the story. Where necessary we may have the photo of the principal and...

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