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About me

Ruth Nataana Parsimei is a 32-year-old self-motivated individual with excellent professionalism and an expert in all areas 9f Public Health. She is passionate about WASH, Epidemiology, Community Health Strategy, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention. She is also a certified Monitoring and Evaluation Officer.
Ruth holds a Masters's degree in Public health, specialising in Epidemiology and Disease Control.
Ruth works for the County government of Kajiado in Kenya as The Subcounty Public Health Officer.
She is an elected Vice-Chairperson of the Association of Public Health Officers in Kenya, Kajiado Branch. She also serves as an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment consultant.
She is open to working in international organisations, parastatals, companies and governments. She is also interested in pursuing a PhD soonest possible.
Ruth is vibrant, hardworking, confident and professional.

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