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Dr. Mary Oluwakemisola Agoyi

About me

I am Mary Oluwakemisola Agoyi (Awoniyi), a medical doctor and Journalist from Nigeria. As a public health expert, I am making my impact as a community health educator, physician, researcher, and advocate of good health for all and the development of the healthcare sector. My journey in the sustainable development sector started as a medical student, volunteering and actively participating in activities by local and international governmental and non-governmental organisations towards creating the change I would like to see in the world. <br>With over seven years of of experience in journalism, health education, leadership, advocacy, and community and healthcare development; I became a Medical student and Young Doctors Forum Coordinator and cofounded “The Sanitary Aid Initiative” and “Safer Hands Health initiative” to execute intervention programs, and also the managing editor of a medical journalism platform. Directly, I have trained ~500 youths on advocacy,...

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